Tuna amini – we believe

Tunaamini’s mission is to accelerate access to clean, renewable, affordable energy, and leading to cheap, open access to the internet, education, markets, and information for the current and next generation via off-grid systems. Don’t take our word for it, look at the data. We feel we’ve uncovered the most effective and efficient ways to improve people’s livelihoods.

Our solutions not only focus on adding basic clean energy for breakthrough LED lighting but also for smartphone-charging to bring the interactive and proactive experience of the internet. Current ‘renewable energy access’ strategies often primarily focus on just adding light, which although is useful and a basic human desire is plentiful during the day and isn’t the primary blocker for advancing the next generation, who need a good night’s sleep whilst it’s dark anyway! Rather it’s the internet that is the unlimited, fluid means of autodidactism.

Tunaamini will have 100% salaries in Kenya, and not be creating a situation where Kenyans are given credit-lines to buy goods at multi-times cost in order to pay for expensive foreign salaries.
Our solution is dynamic and will be tailored to integrate new internet projects across Kenya such as Starlink’s high-bandwidth, low-latency LEO satellite constellation.

Our solution will improve lives not only on existing measures such as reduced Kerosene-burning, lengthy search and wait for mobile phone charging, but far more importantly access to a web of information, examples such as real-time prices and supply and demand information in markets can help agricultural efficiency immensely alone. Having the entire of wikipedia at a teenagers fingertips, or the whole medical compendium available to nurses and doctors, and access to MOOCS (Massive-Open-Online-Courses) will allow a generation to follow their interests and liberate their minds into a thousand different paths and jobs. These tie in with the Kenyan Big 4 agenda, Vision2030, and the UN SDGs (4 education ,7 clean energy ,10 equality, & 11 sustainability)

Our phase one efforts proved the ability to source and distribute quality solutions from China into Kenya. Please find a summary of phase one and our hopes for phase two. Please also follow us on Twitter for the most up-to-date information.