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Wanna be part of tunaamini? You’re on! You’re reading this page for a reason, probably that you’re interested in tunaamini’s mission in some way. You can help us. Whether you dontate, lend, or request help through our platform you’re helping our mission, so go for it, get in touch with us, be involved because tunaamini – we believe.

Sam Lulii Mwendwa- Founder

Sam Mwendwa Kinango
Sam Mwendwa in Kinango

Sam has a strong background in sales and marketing, working initially with a marketing survey organisation it’s enhanced Sam’s relentless walking and talking skills, both essential on the road in rural regions we operate in. Sam’s penchant for Social Media also led to his initial involvement with Tunaamini and when he heard of the plight of his contemporaries and the extortionate prices they were being charged for solar products Sam worked relentlessly in trying to execute Phase I and give new hope and opportunity.
You can contact Sam directly at https://twitter.com/Sam_Lulli

Myles Hocking – Co-Founder

Myles Mwenzani Primary School
Myles installing Solar at Mwenzani Primary School

Myles has racked up over 20 years of IT contracting as a project manager and Enterprise Agile Coach with large enterprises such as the BBC and Barclays as well as small agencies and start-ups. He is used to assembling teams and getting them to perform well and is bringing this practiced skillset with him into tunaamini. After analysing solar power, global demographics, and internet rollouts he felt Kenya was the place to start and met Samwel on Twitter! tunaamini’s first value-add occurred within a month. Expect more rapid results, iterating, incrementing, and pivoting!

James Robbins – UK Director

James joined tunaamini’s after phase I efforts and felt it was the best vehicle for his fundraising talents. James has made a name for himself as a disruptive and forward-thinking CIO at some of Britain’s leading organisations.

UK Director

Samuel Kariuki – Co-Founder and Technical Director

Samuel carried out the on-ground research, identifying our Juma and Emelia personas, their needs and established initial links after identifying Kwale as a county most in need and accessible for Phase I. A marginalised people, a port, an international airport, and passable road links, with 600,000 inhabitants almost 2/3rds of which live in energypoverty and lightpoverty. Samuel tested all the initial equipment and arranged certified solar installers for our bigger installations. A very busy man at the forefront of Kenyan utilities, Samuel has a big heart and always makes time for tunaamini.

Samwel Kariuki
Samwel Kariuki