tunaamini apply for Kenya Catalytic Jobs Fund


We applied for this funding up to KSH 13million, which if we are lucky enough to secure would catalyse us to catalyse people’s lives! We feel tunaamini answers the main criteria well:

in association with UKAid

Ability to substantially create large numbers of new jobs, significantly improve job quality and/or contribute a relatively large increase in income generated by youth. This is achieved through increased access to power and information to marginisalised groups.


Demonstrated evidence showing that the design, concept and business proposal has a clear and practical application. Our transformation packages are in early stages, but have proven to have radical and positive impacts on people’s lives.


Demonstrated clear differentiation of product, process, technology or business model from current standard practice. We are young and flexible and a using rapid feedback loops to improve and tailor our packages to new and emerging needs as well as meeting established needs in new ways.


Demonstrated viability of business model that does not require ongoing grant funding for long term sustainability. We are fortunate that the leap forward in internet availability and the freefall of solar prices has meant this business has an assured lifespan beyond initial funding.


Demonstrated potential for replicability of the business model across different geographies and market and/or expansion of existing model to serve more beneficiaries within the same context. Being an off-grid systems specialist, the world’s our oyster! As long as there’s a ray of sun, and puff of wind we’ll be there.


Demonstrated positive externality i.e. how the impact of the project will go beyond private commercial interests. Once people have access to power and information, they too are self-empowered to change their lives. Whether they start educating themselves deeply in a topic, or farming method, or try something unthought of to date.

We wish luck to all the applicants, and we’ll post you with our progress!