Light Transformation for $25


For millions of marginalised communities, evening light comes from naked flames and kerosene lamps. Kerosene costs $1/day for most families who can even afford it. It has respiratory implications too and gives off a relatively dim light of about 11 lumens, compared to an inert LED bulb that beams out a relatively sun-like 1600 lumens.


We can’t wait to increase the rollout of these low-cost, renewable energy units.
They use a small solar panel (with a lifetime guarantee) and store energy in a battery that will last 6000 recharges …so over 15years of renewable energy. Central African nations like Kenya for example average 7 sunlight hours in the gloomiest, darkest months and 9 in the sunniest. These panels work even on a cloudy day, and energy is stored into a battery which can last overnight.
They power 4 bulbs that can be installed to light one or many rooms.
The units also power mobile phone charging and other USB-compatible powered units like USB fans. Saving long-trips and small payments to get a mobile phone charged, which is common in marginalised areas.
They also have radio, and a torch function.

If you donate we’ll match you with a home in need and make sure 100% of your donation will be spent on the hardware. We’ll take care of the installation, setup, and training.