New Microunits ordered


Today we ordered our first 500 solar microlights from China at a mere $3.50 each. That’s 500 women like Emelia and their families that will have their lives transformed.

Given the data that a small homestead will have a kerosene lamp on for 3-4 hours a night and use $0.20 of fuel a night; and these units last at least 2 years (should be nearer 10 we hope), then this will save a homestead 365 x 2 x 0.20 = $146.

A hundred and forty-six dollars when you’re in Extreme Poverty on less than $2 a day is a lot of money, in fact it’s at least 10% of your income. And the great news is people tend to then spend this money on other essentials like food, medicine, and education.

So we just ordered 500 of these, so assuming each leads to the above savings then we’ve just saved these people 500 x 146 = $73,000! These units cost $3.50 out the factory!, so including shipping and things about $4. So at least a 36 times return on investment.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the environmental angle too… so it’s roughly a dollar per litre of Kerosene, so that’s $73,000 = $73,000 litres of Kerosene not bought, shipped, refined, pumped out of the ground. 2KG of CO2 per litre means 146,000KG i.e 146tonnes of CO2.

We look forward to capturing more accuracy and details when we distribute them in mid-July. If you fancy helping us add zeros to the number we can order, contact us, or just get stuck in ordering and distributing some yourselves!