Off-Grid System

Anything larger than lights in a homestead is really going to require 12v electricity systems, that need inverters to power modern tools and products. As a quick example if you tried to power the most energy efficient heating appliance, a microwave, with 5volts you are going to really struggle to warm up anything. Also you are then into specialised and modified components and appliances that might cost several times more. There are some really efficient, new fridges being invented, but as of 2019 they’re about 7 times the price of a standard fridge (e.g. $1400 instead of $200) so the economics is the barrier.

We’ve currently settled on a 2Kw off-grid system. we can get this out the factory in China for just over $1000. Amazing. the system can basically run a set of useful tools 24/7: Fridge-Freezer, WiFi router, Microwaves, Projector. Different villages will want slightly different things, but these are core products that can transform health & wealth.

example installed inverter, controller, battery array
2Kw offgrid solar system components